Devotion and 1008 Guru Mantra chants

पंचाक्षरमहिमावर्णनं नाम चतुर्दशोऽध्यायः

Description of the greatness of the five-lettered mantra – Chapter 14

ईश्वर उवाच |

God said (to the supreme Goddess)

यावज्जीवं जपेन्नित्यमष्टोत्तरसहस्रकम् |
अनन्यस्तत्परो भूत्वा स याति परमां गतिम् || 17 ||

As long as a living being chants (the Guru given mantra) a thousand and eight times everyday eagerly after completely devoting oneself, he attains the highest state.

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