Worthwhile life with Namah Shivaya

नमस्कारादिसंयुक्तं शिवायेत्यक्षरत्रयम् |
जिह्वाग्रे वर्तते यस्य सफलं तस्य जीवितम् || 36 ||

अंत्यजो वाधमो वापि मूर्खो वा पंडितोऽपि वा |
पंचाक्षरजपे निष्ठो मुच्यते पापपंजरात् || 37 ||

इत्युक्तं परमेशेन देव्या पृष्टेन शूलिना |
हिताय सर्वमर्त्यानां द्विजानां तु विशेषतः || 38 ||

One on whose front of the tongue exists the triplet of letters Shivaya with Namah in the beginning, his living (his life) is successful (has been worthwhile).

A person of the lowest caste or a person of lowest quality or a fool or even a scholar (if) oriented towards chanting the five-lettered mantra, gets released from the cage of sins.

Such (was) spoken by the supreme God Shiva (holding the spear) on being asked by the Goddess, for the good of all mortals, but particularly for Brahmins.

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