Shaiva Yoga

शैवयोगवर्णनं नामैकोनचत्वारिंशोऽध्यायः
Shaiva Yoga description Chapter 39

उपमन्युरुवाच |
Upamanyu said (to Lord Krishna)

यस्मात्सौख्यं च मोक्षं च ध्यानादभयमाप्नुयात् |
तस्मात्सर्वं परित्यज्य ध्यानयुक्तो भवेन्नरः || 21 ||
नास्ति ध्यानं विना ज्ञानं नास्ति ध्यानमयोगिनः |
ध्यानं ज्ञानं च यस्यास्ति तीर्णस्तेन भवार्णवः || 22 ||
Since happiness, liberation and fearlessness are obtained by meditation, therefore a man may give up everything (and) then become meditation-oriented.
There is no (higher) knowledge without meditation; one who is not a Yogi cannot meditate. One who has meditation and (higher) knowledge has swam across the sea of the material world.

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