Greatness of the five-lettered mantra

पंचाक्षरमहिमावर्णनं नाम चतुर्दशोऽध्यायः
Description of the greatness of the five-lettered mantra – Chapter 14

ईश्वर उवाच |
God said (to the supreme Goddess)

सदाचारविहीनस्य पतितस्यान्त्यजस्य च |
पंचाक्षरात्परं नास्ति परित्राणं कलौ युगे || 62 ||
Of (a person) without good behaviour, of a fallen (person), of a person of low quality, there is no higher means of rescue in Kaliyuga than the five-lettered mantra.

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