Mind Fixation

शिवज्ञानवर्णनं नामैकादशोऽध्यायः
Description of the knowledge about Lord Shiva – Chapter 11

उपमन्युरुवाच |
Upamanyu said (to Lord Krishna)

नैकाग्रं चेच्छिवे चित्तं किं कृतेनापि कर्मणा |
एकाग्रमेव चेच्चित्तं किं कृतेनापि कर्मणा || 53 ||
तस्मात्कर्माण्यकृत्वा वा कृत्वा वांतर्बहिःक्रमात् |
येन केनाप्युपायेन शिवे चित्तं निवेशयेत् || 54 ||
If the mind does get fixed on Lord Shiva, (then also) what is the use of even doing (various) deeds?
Therefore after doing or not doing (various) deeds internally or externally, by some means or the other, the mind should be fixed on Lord Shiva.

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