Upamanyu’s penance

उपमन्युतपोवर्णनं नाम चतुस्त्रिंशोऽध्यायः
Upamanyu’s penance description Chapter 34

वायुरुवाच |
Vayudeva said (to the sages)

भक्त्या पञ्चाक्षरेणैव पत्रैः पुष्पैर्वनोद्भवैः |
समभ्यर्च्य चिरं कालं चचार परमं तपः || 54 ||
Worshipping (a Shivalinga made of clay/mud) with leaves and flowers which grow in the forest with the five-lettered (mantra) with devotion for a long time, (Upamanyu) practised penance of the highest level (consuming only wind, not food).

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