संन्यासविधिवर्णनं नाम द्वादशोऽध्यायः
Renunciation procedure description Chapter 12

श्रीब्रह्मण्य उवाच |
Kartikeya said (to sage Vamadeva)

यस्य पुंसां परा शक्तिर्भावगम्या मनोहरा |
निर्गुणा स्वगुणैरेव निगूढा निष्कला शिवा || 12 ||
The Purusha’s (God’s) higher energy Shivaa is reachable by affection, attractive, formless, hidden by her own characteristics only, all pervading.

तदीयं त्रिविधं रूपं स्थूलं सूक्ष्मं परं ततः |
ध्येयं मुमुक्षुभिर्नित्यं क्रमतो योगिभिर्मुने || 13 ||
Sage, these three forms of that (supreme Goddess Shivaa), gross, subtle and higher than that, should be meditated upon by renunciate disciples (those aspiring for liberation) always/everyday; successively by Yogis.

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