वामदेवब्रह्मवर्णनं नामैकादशोऽध्यायः
Vamadeva’s Brahma description Chapter 11

ब्रह्मण्य उवाच |
Kartikeya said (to sage Vamadeva)

तथापि धर्मरक्षायै लोकानुग्रहकाङ्क्षया |
त्वादृशाः साधवः सन्ता विचरन्ति महीतले || 41 ||
(You have no desires but) still sages and saints like you wander the earth for the sake of protecting Dharma and with the desire to make things easier for the world.

वामदेव उवाच |
Sage Vamadeva said (to Kartikeya)

ओमितीदं सर्वमिति श्रुतिराह सनातनी | 49
Om is all this (universe), so said the eternal Shrutis (Vedas).

This repeats in Chapter 16, shloka 52

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