Vyasa Emergence

व्यासोत्पत्तिवर्णनं नाम चतुश्चत्वारिंशोऽध्यायः
Vyasa emergence (story of his birth) description Chapter 44

सूत उवाच |
Suta Goswami said (to the sages)

यत्र विश्वेश्वरः साक्षादन्नपूर्णा महेश्वरी |
भक्तानाममृतं दातुं विराजेते कृपानिधी || 51 ||
प्राप्य वाराणसीतीर्थं दृष्ट्वाऽथ मणिकर्णिकाम् |
कोटिजन्मार्जितं पापं तत्याज च स मुनीश्वरः || 52 ||
(Kashi is) where the God of the universe in visible form (and) Annapurna, the great Goddess, an ocean of mercy, live for giving liberation to devotees.
Great sage, he (sage Vyasa) having reached Varanasi tirtha (place of pilgimage – the whole city) and having seen Manikarnika (on the bank of river Ganga, close to Vishweshwara Jyotirlinga temple) gave up the sins accumulated over plenty of lives.

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