Description of the nether worlds

पाताललोकवर्णनं नाम पञ्चदशोऽध्यायः
Description of the nether worlds – Chapter 15

सनत्कुमार उवाच |
Sanatkumar said (to sage Vyasa)

दिवार्करश्मयो यत्र न भवन्ति विधोर्निशि |
न शीतमातपो यत्र मणितेजोऽत्र केवलम् || 29 ||
भक्ष्यभोजान्नपानानि भुज्यन्ते मुदितैर्भृशम् |
यत्र न ज्ञायते कालो गतोऽपि मुनिसत्तम || 30 ||
Where there are no sun rays nor moon at night, where (there is) no heat nor cold, only (light is the) brilliance of jewels (is) here (in the nether worlds).
Eatable food and drinks are enjoyed gladly in plenty (large amounts). Best of the sages, (those places are) where time is unknown (there is no concept of time), (including) even the past.

Demons including Daityas (progeny of Diti) and Danavas (progeny of Danu) live in Rasatala. Below the Patala are the hells.

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