Description of the nether worlds

पाताललोकवर्णनं नाम पञ्चदशोऽध्यायः
Description of the nether worlds – Chapter 15

सनत्कुमार उवाच |
Sanatkumar said (to sage Vyasa)

अतलं वितलं चैव सुतलं च रसातलम् || 22 ||
तलं तलातलं चाग्र्यं पातालं सप्तमं मतम् |
भूमेरधः सप्त लोका इमे ज्ञेया विचक्षणैः || 23 ||
Atala and Vitala, Sutala and Rasatala, Tala (Mahatala), Talatala, and the main Patala, considered the seventh of these seven (nether) worlds below this world, should be known by the wise.

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