मुक्तिनिरुपणं नामैकचत्वारिंशोऽध्यायः
Liberation description Chapter 41

सूत उवाच |
Suta Goswami said (to the sages)

मुक्तिश्चतुर्विधा प्रोक्ता श्रूयतां कथयामि वः |
संसारक्लेशसंहर्त्री परमानन्ददायिनी || 2 ||
सारुप्या चैव सालोक्या सान्निध्या च तथा परा |
सायुज्या च चतुर्थी सा व्रतेनानेन यः भवेत् || 3 ||
Killer of the sufferings of this world and giver of highest joy, liberation is said to be of four kinds. Listen, I (will) tell you.
Saarupya, Saalokya, Saannidhya and the higher Saayujya, the fourth, which happens with this (Shivratri) vow.

And there is also a fifth one, Kaivalya, which is mentioned later.

मुक्तेर्दाता मुनिश्रेष्ठाः केवलं शिव उच्यते |
ब्रह्माद्या न हि ते ज्ञेयाः केवलं च त्रिवर्गदाः || 4 ||
Best of the sages, only Lord Shiva is said to be the giver of liberation. Brahma, etc. are not to be known as such; (they are) givers of the three (other) values – Dharma, Artha, Kama.

ब्रह्माद्यास्त्रिगुणाधीशाः शिवस्त्रिगुणतः परः |
निर्विकारी परब्रह्म तुर्यः प्रकृतितः परः || 5 ||
Lord Brahma, etc. are the lords of the three gunas (characteristics of nature: sattva, rajas, tamas); Lord Shiva is above the three gunas, free from defects, the supreme element, in the fourth state, transcending nature.

कैवल्याख्या पञ्चमी च दुर्लभा सर्वथा नृणाम् | 7
And the fifth (liberation) by the name of Kaivalya is by all means difficult to get for humans.

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