शिवसहस्रनामस्तोत्रफलवर्णनं नाम षट्त्रिंशोऽध्यायः
Fruits of thousand names of Lord Shiva – Chapter 36

शिव उवाच |
Lord Shiva said (to Lord Vishnu)

मयि भक्तिः सदा ते तु हरे स्यादनपायिनी |
सदा वन्द्यश्च पूज्यश्च लोके भव सुरैरपि || 33 ||
विश्वम्भरेति ते नाम सर्वपापहरं परम् |
भविष्यति न संदेहो मत्प्रसादात्सुरोत्तम || 34 ||
Lord Vishnu, you will have my imperishable/permanent devotion always. Become worshippable and praised by the world and even the Devas.
Best of the Devas, your (one more) great name will be Vishvambhara (bearing the universe), which can take away all sins, no doubt, because of my good wish.

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