Lord Vishnu’s getting Sudarshan chakra

विष्णुसुदर्शनचक्रलाभवर्णनं नाम चतुश्त्रिंशोऽध्यायः
Lord Vishnu’s getting Sudarshan chakra Chapter 34

विष्णुरुवाच |
Lord Vishnu said (to God)

वाच्यं किं मे त्वदग्रे वै ह्यन्तर्यामी त्वमास्थितः |
तथापि कथ्यते नाथ तव शासनगौरवात् || 26 ||
दैत्यैश्च पीडितं विश्वं सुखं नो नः सदाशिव |
दैत्यान्हन्तुं मम स्वामिन्स्वायुधं न प्रवर्तते || 27 ||
किं करोमि क्व गच्छामि नान्यो मे रक्षकः परः |
अतोऽहं परमेशान शरणं त्वां समागतः || 28 ||
What do I have to say in front of you (when) you who knows everything from inside people’s minds/hearts/souls is here? Still, Lord, for the pride/respect of your order, it will be said.
Lord Shiva, the world is suffering from the Daitya demons, and we have no happiness. My Lord, there exists no weapon of my own for killing the Daityas.
What do I do? Where do I go? There is no greater protector of mine (than you). Therefore, supreme God, I have come to your refuge.

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