Chapter 9

ईश्वर उवाच |
God said (to Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu)

दिनमेतत्ततः पुण्यं भविष्यति महत्तरम् |
शिवरात्रिरिति ख्याता तिथिरेषा मम प्रिया || 10 ||
This day’s punya (merit) will become superior. It is known as Shivaratri, a date which is dear to me.

यत्फलं मम पूजायां वर्षमेकं निरंतरम् |
तत्फलं लभते सद्यः शिवरात्रौ मदर्चनात् || 13 ||
The fruit (results) one obtains by my continuous worship for one year, one gets immediately by my prayer/worship on Shivaratri.

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2 Responses to Shivaratri

  1. Wonderful. Shiva the Supreme One with whom none can compare.

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