नन्दीकेश्वरलिङ्गमाहात्म्यवर्णने ब्राह्मणीस्वर्गतिवर्णनं नाम षष्ठोऽध्यायः
Brahmani’s attainment of heaven description in Nandikeshwara Linga importance description Chapter 6

वत्स उवाच |
Calf said (to the cow, his mother)

कदापि कर्मणो नाशः कदा भोगः प्रजायते |
तस्माच्च पुनरेवं त्वमकर्म कर्तुमुद्यता || 26 ||
अहं कुतस्ते पुत्रोऽद्य त्वं माता कुत एव च |
वृथाऽभिमानः पुत्रत्वे मातृत्वे च विचार्यताम् || 27 ||
क्व माता क्व पिता विद्धि क्व स्वामी क्व कलत्रकम् |
न कोऽपि कस्य चास्तीह सर्वेऽपि स्वकृन्तभुजः || 28 ||
एवं ज्ञात्वा त्वया मातर्दुःखं त्याज्यं सुयत्नतः |
सुभगाचरणं कार्यं परलोकसुखेप्सया || 29 ||
Sometimes (bad) karma (gets) destroyed, sometimes enjoyments come. And therefore you are again about to do bad karma (to kill the Brahmana’s son).
From where am I your son today, and from where are you (my) mother? Such futile pride in sonhood and motherhood should be thought about.
Where/when (someone is) known as mother, father, husband, wife? Nobody is anybody’s anything here (on the earth); everyone is enjoying/suffering one’s karma.
Mother, knowing so, you have to give up (your) sorrow with good effort. Good/nice behaviour should be done by (those) wishing happiness in the other worlds.

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