Ashwatthama Incarnation

अश्वत्थामशिवावतारवर्णनं नाम षट्त्रिंशोऽध्यायः
Ashwatthama incarnation of Lord Shiva Chapter 36

नन्दीश्वर उवाच |
Nandishwara said (to Sanatkumara)

अथावसरमासाद्य रुद्रः सर्वान्तकः प्रभुः |
स्वांशेन तनयो जज्ञे द्रोणस्य स महाबलः || 13 ||
अश्वत्थामेति विख्यातः स बभूव क्षितौ मुने | 14
At the proper moment, Lord Rudra, the destroyer of everything (in Mahapralaya), with a small part of himself took birth as a son of Dronacharya, of great strength.
He became famous as Ashwatthama on the earth.

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