Repercussions of criticizing Lord Shiva

ब्रह्मचारिशिवावतारवर्णनं नाम त्रयस्त्रिंशोऽध्यायः
Brahmachari Shiva avatara description Chapter 33

गिरिजोवाच |
Parvati said (to her friend Vijayaa)

न केवलं भवेत्पापं निन्दाकर्तुः शिवस्य हि |
यो वै शृणोति तन्निन्दां पापभाक्स भवेदिह || 49 ||
शिवनिन्दाकरो वध्यः सर्वथा शिवकिङ्करैः |
ब्राह्मणश्चेत्स वै त्याज्यो गन्तव्यं तत्स्थालाद्द्रुतम् || 50 ||
Not only the one who criticises Lord Shiva commits a sin, those who listen to that criticism also bear the sin on the earth.
One who criticises Lord Shiva is to be killed by all means by the assistants of Lord Shiva. If he is a Brahmin, (he) should be left alone (but) one should go away from that place quickly.

These two shlokas also appeared as shlokas 37 and 38 in Chapter 28 of Parvati block of Rudra Samhita. Chapters 26 to 28 of Parvati block of Rudra Samhita have several common shlokas with this chapter.

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