Vaishyanath named Shiva incarnation

वैश्यनाथाह्वय शिवावतारवर्णनं नाम षड्विंशोऽध्यायः
Vaishyanath named Shiva incarnation description Chapter 26

महानन्दोवाच |
Mahananda (the prostitute) said (to Lord Shiva)

न मे वाञ्छास्ति भोगेषु भूमौ स्वर्गे रसातले |
तव पादाम्बुजस्पर्शादन्यत्किञ्चिन्न कामये || 59 ||
I have no desire for enjoyments on earth, in heaven or in the nether world Rasatala. Other than touching your lotus feet, I do not desire anything.

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