Yaksheshwara incarnation

यक्षेश्वरावतरवर्णनं नाम षोडशोऽध्यायः
Yaksheshwara incarnation description Chapter 16

नन्दीश्वर उवाच |
Nandishwara said (to Sanatkumara)

तत्रासन् विफलान्याशु तान्यस्त्राणि दिवौकसाम् |
शिवप्रभावतस्तेषां मूढगर्वापहारिणः || 29 ||
The weapons of the Devas who were there failed (to cut the blade of grass) quickly because of the influence of Shiva, which was to take away the foolish pride (which the Devas got after defeating the demons and drinking the nectar which came out as a result of churning the ocean).

अथासीत्तु नभोवाणी देवविस्मयहारिणी |
यक्षोऽयं शङ्करो देवाः सर्वगर्वापहारकः || 30 ||
Then a voice from the sky removing the perplexity of the Devas said “Devas, this Yaksha is Lord Shiva, who takes away everyone’s pride.

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