Sharabha incarnation

शरभावतारवर्णनं नामैकादशोऽध्यायः
Sharabha incarnation description Chapter 11

वीरभद्र उवाच |
Virabhadra said (smiling to Narsimha incarnation)

त्वत्संहारे नियुक्तोऽस्मि विनयेन बलेन च |
देवदेवेन रुद्रेण सकलप्रभुणा हरे || 43 ||
Lord Hari, I have been appointed to destroy you by humility/politeness and (if necessary, by) force, by the God of the Gods, Rudra, the God of everything/everyone.

उपकारो हि साधूनां सुखाय किल संमतः |
उपकारो ह्यसाधूनामपकाराय केवलम् || 45 ||
It is generally agreed that doing good to good people leads to happiness. Doing good to bad people (is possible) only by doing harm/offense.

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