Bhairava incarnation and behaviour

भैरवावतारलीलावर्णनं नाम नवमोऽध्यायः
Bhairava incarnation and behaviour description Chapter 9

नन्दीश्वर उवाच |
Nandishwara said (to Sanatkumara)

इत्थं वदति गोविन्दे विमला पद्मया तया |
मनोरथवती नाम भिक्षा पात्रे समर्पिता || 41 ||
On Govinda/Vishnu saying so, by immaculate Lakshmi, (a siddhi) named Manorathavati (desire fulfilling capability) was submitted to the begging bowl (skull carried by Lord Kalabhairava).

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