Ganesha Marriage Prelude

गणेशविवाहोपराक्रमो नामैकोनविंशोऽध्यायः
Ganesha marriage prelude Chapter 19

शिवाशिवावूचतुः |
The supreme Goddess and Lord Shiva said (to Lord Ganesha)

पुत्र ते विमला बुद्धिः समुत्पन्ना महात्मनः |
त्वयोक्तं यद्वचश्चैव ततश्चैव च नान्यथा || 50 ||
समुत्पन्ने च दुःखे च यस्य बुद्धिर्विशिष्यते |
तस्य दुःखं विनश्येत सूर्ये दृष्टे यथा तमः || 51 ||
बुद्धिर्यस्य बलं तस्य निर्बुद्धेस्तु कुतो बलं |
कूपे सिंहो मदोन्मत्तः शशकेन निपातितः || 52 ||
Son, your distinguished clear intelligence (has been) produced/emerged of the great soul. What you said is such (truth), not otherwise.
When in sorrow (difficulty), one whose intelligence distinguishes itself, his sorrow gets destroyed like the darkness on seeing the sun.
One who has intelligence has strength. Where is the strength of the unintelligent? The rabbit got the arrogant lion to fall in the well (by showing him an adversary in the reflected image in the well).

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