Ganesha War

गणेशयुद्धवर्णनं नाम पञ्चदशोऽध्यायः
Ganesha war description Chapter 15

ब्रह्मोवाच |
Brahma said (to Narada)

ते सर्वे मिलिताश्चैव मुहुर्नत्वा शिवं तदा |
अब्रुवन्वचनं क्षिप्रं कोऽयं गणवरः प्रभो || 62 ||
पुरा चैव श्रुतं युद्धमिदानीं बहुधा पुनः |
दृश्यते न श्रुतं दृष्टमीदृशं तु कदाचन || 63 ||
किञ्चिद्विचार्यतां देव त्वन्यथा न जयो भवेत् |
त्वमेव रक्षकः स्वामिन्ब्रह्माण्डस्य न संशयः || 64 ||
They all gathered and again bowed to Lord Shiva then and said quickly “God, who is this great assistant?”
In the past and now, (we have) heard of battles/wars in many ways, but never have we seen nor heard anything like what we are seeing (here).
God, think of something, otherwise (we) will not win. You alone are the protector and the Lord of the universe, no doubt.

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