Killing Tarakasura

तारकासुरवधदेवोत्सववर्णनं नाम दशमोऽध्यायः
Description of killing of Tarakasura and celebration by Devas – Chapter 10

कुमार उवाच |
Kartikeya said (to the mountains, Devas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras)

मा खिद्यतां महाभागा मा चिन्तां कुर्वतां नगाः |
घातयाम्यद्य पापिष्ठं सर्वेषां वः प्रपश्यताम् || 27 ||
Highly fortunate mountains, do not feel sorry, do not worry; I will the kill the sinner today while all of you are watching.

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