Guru’s Statements

सप्तर्षिकृत परीक्षावर्णनं नाम पञ्चविंशोऽध्यायः
Description of test by the Seven sages – Chapter 25

पार्वती उवाच |
Parvati said (to the seven sages)

सुरर्षेर्वचनं पथ्यं त्यक्षे नैव कदाचन |
गुरूणां वचनं पथ्यमिति वेदविदो विदुः || 58 ||
गुरूणां वचनं सत्यमिति येषां दृढा मतिः |
तेषामिहामुत्र सुखं परमं नासुखं क्वचित् || 59 ||
Narada’s words are for good. I will never give them up. One who knows the Vedas knows that Guru’s statements are for good.
One who strongly believes that Guru’s statements are (always) true (gets) the highest happiness in this world as well as the other world, and never (gets) unhappiness.

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