Indra-Kamadeva discussion

शक्रकामसंवादवर्णनं नाम सप्तदशोऽध्यायः
Indra-Kamadeva discussion description Chapter 17

काम उवाच |
Kamadeva said (to Indra)

ब्रह्माणं वा हरिं वापि भ्रष्टं कुर्यां न संशयः |
अन्येषां गणना नास्ति पातयेय हरं त्वपि || 22 ||
I can corrupt Lord Brahma or Lord Vishnu, no doubt. Others are nothing; even Lord Shiva can be made to fall.

This is only what Kamadeva says. It does not mean that is the truth. The result was that Kamadeva was burnt to death when he tried influencing God.

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