Shiva’s Characteristics

नारदहिमालयसम्वादवर्णनं नामाष्टोऽध्यायः
Narada Himalaya dialogue description Chapter 8

ब्रह्मोवाच |
Brahma said (to Narada)

इत्याकर्ण्य वचस्ते हि सत्यं मत्वा च दम्पती |
मेना हिमाचलश्चापि दुःखितौ तौ बभूवतु || 12 ||
शिवाऽकर्ण्य वचस्ते हि तादृशं जगदम्बिका |
लक्षणैस्तं शिवं मत्वा जहर्षाति मुने हृदि || 13 ||
Having heard these statements, the couple really believed it to be true, (and) Mena and Himalaya also became unhappy. Sage, (on the other hand), the Mother of the universe Parvati having heard your statements, believed (figured) those characteristics to be of Shiva and became extremely joyous in her heart.

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