Prayer of the Devas

देवस्तुतिर्नाम तृतीयोऽध्यायः
Prayer of the Devas – Chapter 3

देवा उचुः |
(Each of the) Devas said (praying to the supreme Goddess who is not present there)

देव्युमे जगताम्ब शिवलोकनिवासिनि |
सदा शिवप्रिये दुर्गे त्वां नमामि महेश्वरि || 26 ||
Goddess Uma, the mother of the universe, resident of Shivaloka, always favourite of Shiva, Durga, I bow to you.

In Uma Samhita, the supreme Goddess Uma is said to have Umaloka, above which is Shivaloka.

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