Vishnu Virabhadra Dialogue

विष्णुवीरभद्रसम्वादो नाम षट्त्रिंशोऽध्यायः
Vishnu Virabhadra dialogue Chapter 36

वीरभद्र उवाच |
Virabhadra said (threatening Lord Vishnu)

वक्षो विदारयिष्यामि त्रिशूलेन हरे तव | 53
Lord Vishnu, I will tear your heart/chest with the trident.

विष्णुरुवाच |
Lord Vishnu said (pleading to pacify Virabhadra)

अहं भक्तपराधीनस्तथा सोऽपि महेश्वरः |
दक्षो भक्तो हि मे तात तस्मादत्रागतो मखे || 60 ||
Like the great God, I also am dependent on the devotees (I have to be concerned about them). Daksha is my devotee, therefore I came here to the sacrifice.

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