Sati’s Statement

सतीवाक्यवर्णनं नामैकोनत्रिन्शोऽध्यायः
Sati statement description Chapter 29

सत्युवाच |
Sati said

यस्य स्मरणमात्रेण सर्वं पूतं भवत्यहो |
विना तेन कृतं सर्वमपवित्रं भविष्यति || 11 ||
By remembering whom everything becomes holy, without him everything will become unholy.

यो निन्दति महादेवं निद्यमानं शृणोति वा |
तावुभौ नरकं यातौ यावच्चन्द्रदिवाकरौ || 38 ||
Those who criticise the great God or listen to the criticism, both those go to hell, (and stay there) as long as there are sun and moon.

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