Shiva Daksha Opposition

शिवेन दक्षविरोधो नाम षड्विन्शोऽध्यायः
Shiva Daksha opposition Chapter 26

नन्दीश्वर उवाच |
Nandi said (to Daksha)

येनेदं पाल्यते विश्वं सृष्टमन्ते विनाशितम् |
शप्तोऽयं स कथं रुद्रो महेशो ब्राह्मणाधम || 24 ||
Lowest of the Brahmanas (Daksha), how is that Rudra, the great God, the one through whom the universe is maintained, created and destroyed in the end, cursed (by you)?

विनष्टानन्दकमुखो विस्मृतात्मगतिः पशुः |
भ्रष्टकर्मानयरतो दक्षो बस्तमुखोऽचिरात् || 39 ||
Having lost joy, having forgotten the path of his soul, he will become like an animal. Having lost the knowledge of proper karma, Daksha will have the head of a goat soon.

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