Three little parts of the highest soul

सतीविवाहशिवलीलावर्णनं नामैकोनविन्शोऽध्यायः
Sati marriage and Shiva activity description Chapter 19

विष्णुरुवाच |
Lord Vishnu said (to Lord Shiva)

कस्त्वं कोऽहं च को ब्रह्मा तवैव परमात्मनः |
अंशत्रयमिदं भिन्नं सृष्टिस्थित्यन्तकारणम् || 72 ||
Who are you, who am I and who is Brahma? (We are) three separate little parts of you only, the highest soul, the cause of creation, maintenance and the end.

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