Three forms of Uma

ब्रह्मविष्णुसंवादो नाम दशमोऽध्यायः
Brahma Vishnu dialogue Chapter 10

महेश्वर उवाच |
The great God said (to Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu)

उमाया अपि रूपाणि भविष्यन्ति त्रिधा सुतौ || 56 ||
लक्ष्मीर्नाम हरेः पत्नी ब्रह्मपत्नी सरस्वती |
पूर्णरूपा सती नाम रुद्रपत्नी भविष्यति || 57 ||
Sons (Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu), Uma will also have three forms – Lakshmi as the wife of Hari, Brahma’s wife Saraswati, and the complete form with the name Sati will be the wife of Rudra.

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