Dharma and Yoga

ज्ञानं क्रिया च चर्या च योगश्चेति सुरेश्वरि |
चतुष्पादः समाख्यातो मम धर्मस्सनातनः || 30 ||

पशुपाशपतिज्ञानं ज्ञानमित्यभिधीयते |
षडध्वशुद्धिर्विधिना गुर्वधीना क्रियोच्यते || 31 ||

वर्णाश्रमप्रयुक्तस्य मयैव विहितस्य च |
ममार्चनादिधर्मस्य चर्या चर्येति कथ्यते || 32 ||

मदुक्तेनैव मार्गेण मय्यवस्थितचेतसः |
वृत्त्यंतरनिरोधो यो योग इत्यभिधीयते || 33 ||

Goddess of the Devas, knowledge, Kriya/procedures and
Charya/conduct/behaviour and Yoga – these are called the four legs of my eternal Dharma.

Knowledge of pashu (being), cord (that which ties a living being), lordship is called knowledge. Shadadhva purification (initiation) procedure depending on a Guru is called Kriya (procedure).

Behaviour according to Varnashrama Dharma determined by me only and activities related to my worship, etc. is called Charya (conduct).

On the path spoken by me, with the mind fixed in me,
suppression/prevention of chitta/thinking, that is called Yoga.

Bhagavat Purana lists truth, compassion, penance and charity as the four legs of Dharma in one shloka, and austerity, purity, mercy and truth in another shloka.

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