Faith controls the God

शिवभक्तिवर्णनं नाम दशमोऽध्यायः

Devotion to Lord Shiva – description Chapter 10

ईश्वर उवाच |

God said (to the supreme Goddess Parvati)

न कर्मणा न तपसा न जपैर्नासनादिभिः |
न ज्ञानेन न चान्येन वश्योऽहं श्रद्धया विना || 15 ||

श्रद्धा मय्यस्ति चेत्पुंसां येन केनापि हेतुना |
वश्यः स्पृश्यश्च दृश्यश्च पूज्यस्संभाष्य एव च || 16 ||

साध्या तस्मान्मयि श्रद्धा मां वशीकर्तुमिच्छता |
श्रद्धा हेतुस्स्वधर्मस्य रक्षणं वर्णिनामिह || 17 ||

स्ववर्णाश्रमधर्मेण वर्तते यस्तु मानवः |
तस्यैव भवति श्रद्धा मयि नान्यस्य कस्यचित् || 18 ||

I am not brought under control without faith, not by deeds, not by penance, not by japa (chanting), not by postures, etc., not by knowledge and not by other (means).

If one has faith in me for just any purpose, for controlling, for touching, for seeing, and for worshiping and for hearing (me), (it can control me).

Those who want to control me should therefore try to achieve my faith. To achieve that faith, (one should) protect/follow one’s Varnashrama Dharma (duties of different professions at different ages) on the earth.

A human who follows his Varnashrama Dharma, only he gets my faith, and nobody else.

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