Lotuses do not grow equally even though the sun shines equally on them

हिते सदा नियुक्तं तु सर्वं चिदचिदात्मकम् |
स्वभावप्रतिबन्धं तत्समं न लभते हितम् || 54 ||
यथा विकाशयत्येव रविः पद्मानि भानुभिः |
समं न विकसन्त्येव स्वस्वभावानुरोधतः || 55 ||

(Lord Shiva is) involved in doing good always to good as well as bad (living beings) but because of one’s characteristics/nature, one does not get the same amount of benefit.
Just as the sun radiates its brilliance (equally) on lotuses (but they) do not grow equally according to their characteristics/natures.

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