Aakuti and Prasuti, the two daughters of Manu and Shatarupa

सृष्टिकथनं नाम सप्तदशोऽध्यायः

Telling about creation – Chapter 17

वायुरुवाच |

Vayudeva said (to the sages)

कन्ये द्वे च महाभागे याभ्यां जातास्त्विमाः प्रजाः |
आकूतिरेका विज्ञेया प्रसूतिरपरा स्मृता || 6 ||
स्वायंभुवः प्रसूतिं च ददौ दक्षाय तां प्रभुः |
रुचेः प्रजापतिश्चैव चाकूतिं समपादयत् || 7 ||

And the two girls (daughters of Manu and Shatarupa) of great fortune from whom these people were born should be known as one Aakuti and the other known as Prasuti.
And Lord Svayambhuva (Manu) gave that Prasuti to Daksha and Aakuti was submitted to Ruchi Prajapati indeed.

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