The present Manu is the seventh of this kalpa, by the name of Vaivaswata

सृष्ट्यादिवर्णनं नामैकादशोऽध्यायः

Creation, etc. description Chapter 11

वायुरुवाच |

Vayudeva said (to the sages)

यस्त्वयं वर्तते कल्पो वाराहो नाम नामतः |
अस्मिन्नपि द्विजश्रेष्ठा मनवस्तु चतुर्दश || 7 ||
स्वायंभुवादयस्सप्त सप्त सावर्णिकादयः |
तेषु वैवस्वतो नाम सप्तमो वर्तते मनुः || 8 ||

This which is the prevailing kalpa is called by the name of Varaha (pig’s, actually white pig). Sages, in this (kalpa) too, there are 14 Manus.
Svayambhuva, etc. (are) seven, seven (of the future are) Savarni, etc. Among those, the present Manu is seventh, by the name of Vaivaswata (of the Vivaswan, Sun).

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