The supreme Goddess is the Prakriti of the great God

अद्वितियो महेशानः परब्रह्म सदाशिवः |
यत्तत्त्वं न विदुर्वेदा विष्ण्वादीनां च का कथा || 59 ||
तस्याहं प्रकृतिः सूक्ष्मा कथमन्यं पतिं वृणे |
सिंही कामातुरा नैव जम्बुकं वृणुते क्वचित् || 60 ||

The great God, the supreme element, always auspicious, second to none – the element which Vedas do not know, what to say about Lord Vishnu, etc.?
I am its/his subtle Prakriti. How will I take another husband? Even a lust-crazed lioness will never accept a jackal.

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