The supreme Goddess who creates, maintains and destroys the universe can help overcome Maya

सा सृजत्यखिलं विश्वं सैव पालयतीति च | सैव संहरते काले त्रिगुणा परमेश्वरी || 49 ||
यस्योपरि प्रसन्ना सा वरदा कामरूपिणी |
सा एव मोहमत्येति नान्यथा नृपसत्तम || 50 ||

She creates the entire universe and she only maintains it. She only (she herself) destroys it in time (at the right time), the supreme Goddess with three characteristics (of nature – sattva, rajas and tamas).
She who takes any form she desires gives boons to ones (she) is pleased with. Best of the kings, only she can help one overcome the confusion/illusion, not otherwise.

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