The lineage after Lord Rama

रामस्य तनयो जज्ञे कुश इत्यतिविश्रुतः | अतिथिस्तु कुशाज्जज्ञे निषधस्तस्य चात्मजः || 19 ||
निषधस्य नलः पुत्रो नभः पुत्रो नलस्य तु |
नभसः पुण्डरीकश्च क्षेमधन्वा ततः स्मृतः || 20 ||

As Rama’s son, Kusha was born, which is very well known. Atithi was indeed born of Kusha, and Nishadha (was) his (Atithi’s) son.
Nala (was) the son of Nishadha, Nabha (was) indeed the son of Nala, and Pundarika (was the son) of Nala; Kshemadhanva (was) his (son).

The lineage is described further in the chapter including the sons to occur in future from the time this Purana was spoken.

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