Yogis can what Devas and demons cannot

कालवञ्चनवर्णनं नाम षड्विंशोऽध्यायः

Averting time/death description Chapter 26

शंकर उवाच |

Lord Shiva said (to supreme Goddess Parvati)

न हन्यते देववरैस्तु दैत्यैः सयक्षरक्षोरगमानुषैश्च |
ये योगिनो ध्यानपराः सदेहा भवन्ति ते घ्नन्ति सुखेन कालम् || 12 ||
Time/death cannot be killed (controlled) by the best of the Devas, demons, also Yakshas, Serpents (Nagas), and humans. Those Yogis with (gross human) bodies who become meditation-intensive (manage to) kill/control death easily.

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