Nothing is above Shivaloka

तत ऊर्ध्वं न लोकाश्च गोलोकस्तत्समीपतः |
गोमातरः सुशीलाख्यास्तत्र सन्ति शिवप्रियाः || 40 ||
तत्पालः कृष्णनामा हि राजते शङ्कराज्ञया |
प्रतिष्ठितः शिवेनैव शक्त्या स्वच्छन्दचारिणा || 41 ||

There are no worlds above that, (but) Goloka is nearby. Favourite of Lord Shiva, mothers of cows called Sushilaa are there.
Their cowherd by the name of Krishna really resides (there) by the instruction of Lord Shiva, placed by Lord Shiva and (supreme Goddess) Shakti, who are independent (who go where they please).

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