Food donation also liberates from great sins

अन्नं प्रजापतिः साक्षादन्नं विष्णुः स्वयं हरः | तस्मादन्नं विशेषेण दातव्यं मानवैर्ध्रुवम् || 48 ||
कृत्वापि सुमहत्पापं यः पश्चादन्नदो भवेत् |
विमुक्तः सर्वपापेभ्यः स्वर्गलोकं स गच्छति || 49 ||

Food is Lord Brahma in visible form, food is Lord Vishnu, food is Lord Shiva himself. Therefore, food in particular should be given certainly to humans.
If one becomes a donor of food even after commiting a grave sin, one gets liberated from all sins and goes to heaven.

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