God tells Lord Vishnu how one should pray

व्याधेश्वरमाहात्म्ये शिवरात्रिव्रतमहिमनिरुपणं नामाष्टत्रिंशोऽध्यायः

Importance of Shivaratri vow in Vyadheshwara importance description Chapter 38

शिव उवाच |

Lord Shiva said (to Lord Vishnu)

कुले मम महादेव भजनं तेऽस्तु सर्वदा | माभूत्तस्य कुले जन्म यत्र त्वं न हि देवता || 81 ||

(One should pray like this.) Great God, in my family, let there always be singing of your praise. Let (me) not be born in a family where you are not the deity.

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