Lord Shiva gets very pleased by devotion

व्यास उवाच |

Sage Vyasa said (to the Pandavas)

सर्वेषां चैव सेव्योऽसौ शङ्करः सर्वदुःखहा |
शिवः स्वल्पेन कालेन सम्प्रसीदति भक्तितः || 57 ||

सुप्रसन्नो महेशो हि भक्तेभ्यः सकलप्रदः |
भुक्तिं मुक्तिमिहामुत्र यच्छतीति सुनिश्चितम् || 58 ||

तस्मात्सेव्यः सदा शम्भुर्भुक्तिमुक्तिफलेप्सुभिः |
पुरुषः शङ्करः साक्षाद्दुष्टहन्ता सतां गतिः || 59 ||

This Lord Shiva, worshiped by everybody (is the) destroyer of all sorrow. Lord Shiva, in a short time gets very pleased by devotion. When very pleased, the great God really gives everything to the devotees – definitely gives enjoyments, liberation, here (on the earth) or in the other worlds. Therefore, Lord Shiva should be worshiped by those who desire enjoyments or liberation. Lord Shiva is the God (Purusha, not Prakriti), directly the killer of evil people and uplifter of good people.

********** Our wishes to all readers of Shiva Maha Purana Saar Shreni blog on the blissful festival night: Maha Shiv Ratri **********

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