Agnishwara tirtha in Kashi

शिव उवाच |
Lord Shiva said (to Grihapati)

त्वयेदं स्थापितं लिङ्गं तव नाम्ना भविष्यति |
अग्नीश्वर इति ख्यातं सर्वतेजोविबृंहणम् || 54 ||
अग्नीश्वरस्य भक्तानां न भयं विद्युदग्निभिः |
अग्निमाद्यभयं नैव नाकालमरणं क्वचित् || 55 ||

This Linga established by you will bear your name. It will be known as Agnishwara, which will increase all brilliance.
The devotees of Agnishwara will have no fear of electricity or fire. (They will have) fearlessness from fire, etc. and neither (will they encounter) death at a wrong time (like in childhood) ever.

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