Indra poses as God

गृह्पत्यावतारवर्णनं नाम पञ्चदशोऽध्यायः
Grihapati avatara description Chapter 15

इन्द्र उवाच |

Indra said (to Grihapati avatar of Lord Shiva)

न मत्तः शङ्करस्त्वन्यो देवदेवोऽस्म्यहं शिशो |
विहाय बालिशत्वं त्वं वरं याचस्व मा चिरं || 39 ||

There is no Shiva other than me, child, I am the God of the Gods. Give up your childishness and quickly ask for a boon.

Grihapati said he will take a boon only from Shiva. This was Indra’s reply. The response to Indra’s profanity is sophisticated abuse from Grihapati avatara.

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