Virabhadra asked to bring the head of Narsimha incarnation

शरभावतारवर्णनं नामैकादशोऽध्यायः
Sharabha incarnation description Chapter 11

शिव उवाच |

Lord Shiva said (to Virabhadra)

सूक्ष्मं संहृत्य सूक्ष्मेण स्थूलं स्थूलेन तेजसा |
वक्त्रमानय कृत्तिं च वीरभद्र ममाज्ञया || 14 ||

Subtle should be destroyed by subtle, gross by gross with brilliance. Virabhadra, bring the head and skin (of Narsimha incarnation) by my order.

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